Raising electrification rate from actual 45.7% to 90% by 2030

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Monday, 05 February 2018 14:20
Raising electrification rate from actual 45.7% to 90% by 2030

(Togo First) - Togo has an electrification rate of 45.7%, according to the World Bank. This represents a significant surge compared to 2005’s 18%.

The country has an installed capacity of 229MW for a local consumption which stood at 1,213GWh, in 2015. Due to its power deficit, Togo has to import 40% of what it consumes from its neighbors, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire.

Since 2014, Togo set as goal to raise its electrification rate, to 50% by 2020, and 90% by 2030, on its path towards emergence.

To this end, it will focus mainly on boosting electrification rate in rural areas, from 7% in 2017, to 40% in 2022.

Hence, in the framework of the regional programme for renewable energy development and power efficiency, Togo plans to build a wind farm and provide electricity to 22 villages, with PV installations. This project is developed in partnership with India and should help electrify 150 rural communities.

Additionally, the government also plans to supply power to 2 million people, in the framework of the CI-ZO project under which domestic solar kits will be provided to rural populations.

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