Economy - Between 2010 and 2018, Togo’s cotton output rose from 27,000 tons to 137,255 tons. This is due to the restructuring of the sector following the creation...
Agriculture - Togo, via the Ministry of Agriculture, recently signed a specific agreement in the framework of its soil fertility map elaboration program. Through the...
Public Management - As part of the 2020 state budget, the government allocated XOF25 million to the ministry of infrastructure and transport, for the rehabilitation of the...
Public Management - In Togo, various water retention basins will be connected under the Urban Development and Infrastructure Project (PIDU). The basins in question are the...
Politics - Togo’s independent national electoral commission (CENI) released yesterday night provisional results for the presidential elections.  Leading the...
Banking - In Togo, Sunu Bank, formerly Banque Populaire pour l’Epargne et le Crédit (BPEC) has adopted WhatsApp banking services to allow its clients to instantly...
Politics - While it is usually closed during presidential elections, Togo’s land borders will remain open for the coming polls set for this Saturday, February...
Banking - Lomé-based pan-African lender, Ecobank, just launched the 3rd edition of its “Ecobank Fintech Challenge.”  African startups that will run in this...
ITC - Next March 7th, the Polytechnical University of France will organize the X-Afrique 2020 forum dedicated to African entrepreneurship. On this occasion,...
Public Management - Lomé intends to promote at least 4,000 artisanal businesses by 2025.  According to official sources, this aims at enhancing the contribution of...
Agriculture - From 3.95% in 2010, Togo’s agricultural growth rate rose to 5.63% in 2018, according to recent reports from the parent ministry. A peak of 14.32% was...
Investments - In the next five years to come, Togo will invest as much in road infrastructures as it did over the past decade - nearly XOF1,000 billion.  Key...
Agriculture - From 2010 to 2019, the government’s investments in agriculture surged from XOF25.99 billion to XOF50.79 billion.  This helped boost the wealth...
Transport - Over the past decade, a total of XOF300 billion has been invested in port infrastructures. This money was used to modernize the infrastructures such as...
ITC - From 7% in 2016, the internet's penetration rate in Togo has tripled to reach 21% in 2019 (with an average growth rate of 7.8% per annum over the period),...








Drastic reduction in the time needed to register a business at the one-stop shop CFE  • Possibility to create an LLC by private deed  • Liberalization of the social capital and nominal value of social shares • Cancellation of registration fees and stamp duties while starting a business • Online registration of a business  • Interconnecting business databases.



Creation of special chambers of commerce for small debts  • Creation of chambers of commerce at the Court of Appeal  • Civil and commercial cases now handled by distinct clerks  • Establishment of commercial courts in Lomé and Kara  • Lawyers and bailiffs now have access to the FORSETI COMMERCIAL platform • A maximum period of 100 days was fixed to settle a commercial dispute .



Creation of an electronic single-window system for external trade .



Dematerialization of the application process  •Launching of an insurance  • Control of quality during and after construction  •Compulsory credentials for the expert in charge of the construction’s supervision • Delays and procedures reduced



Reduction of the time needed to process a request for connection  • Reduction of 50% of the cost to get connected to the medium-tension grid  • Improved power supply ● Dematerialization and centralization of information, and of the procedures of claims and payments .



Reduction of registration fees  • Only XOF35000 to pay for property transfers  • Digitization of land deeds  • The descriptive statement of the land title is issued in 48 hours only!  • Substantial reduction in the time needed to process a full transfer request • Creation of a Property Transfer Office  • Cancellation of second and third stamp duties  • Creation of a one-stop shop for land titles, available online also  • Free access to land data for all .



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