Economy - Ethiopian Airlines will keep its Lomé-US flights active, unlike its technical partner Asky Airlines which has suspended flights until April 13,...
Health - A fundraising campaign was just launched in Togo to help fight the spread of the coronavirus across the country.  Actors of the private sector,...
Public services - Due to concerns regarding the coronavirus pandemic, Togo’s power utility (CEET) has opted for e-payment for its transactions (bill payment and prepaid...
Economic governance - Togo’s national order of auditors and chartered accountants (ONECCA-Togo) revealed that some people have been pretending to be accountants and auditors in...
Public finance - As the coronavirus keeps spreading, the World Bank and the IMF have asked all bilateral lenders of IDA countries to suspend the payment of their debt if...
Public finance - The Arab Bank for economic development in Africa (BADEA) will grant $100 million to 44 African countries. The funds which are to be given on a need...
Health - On March 24, 2020, Togo received the first batch of the equipment promised by Chinese billionaire and philanthropist Jack Ma to help the country fight the...
Health - As talks about the efficiency of the drug keep rising around the world, Togo has also decided to give it a try.  However, “chloroquine will not be...
Public Management - Banque Ouest Africaine de Développement (BOAD) will allocate each WAEMU member State XOF15 billion to fight the coronavirus. The information was disclosed...
Agriculture - Togo’s food security agency (ANSAT) has started grain sales across the country.  Prices of products sold by the agency are set as follows: 50kg bag...
Health - In Togo, all those suspected to have been infected with the coronavirus will be quarantined at the Lébénè Hotel (ex-Ibis/ Le Bénin).  The government...
Economic governance - In Togo, the public contracts regulatory authority (ARMP) is looking for a consultant to help it perfect its digital communication strategy. To this end,...
Public services - The government has suspended, indefinitely, all recruitment processes in the public administration due to concerns about the hike of coronavirus cases in...
Agriculture - Next September, the final mission for the assessment and capitalization of the achievements of the Project for Youth Employment and their Insertion in...
Public Management - Last Saturday, the government of Togo issued a statement warning sellers against price speculation and refusing to sell some items, amid the coronavirus...








Drastic reduction in the time needed to register a business at the one-stop shop CFE  • Possibility to create an LLC by private deed  • Liberalization of the social capital and nominal value of social shares • Cancellation of registration fees and stamp duties while starting a business • Online registration of a business  • Interconnecting business databases.



Creation of special chambers of commerce for small debts  • Creation of chambers of commerce at the Court of Appeal  • Civil and commercial cases now handled by distinct clerks  • Establishment of commercial courts in Lomé and Kara  • Lawyers and bailiffs now have access to the FORSETI COMMERCIAL platform • A maximum period of 100 days was fixed to settle a commercial dispute .



Creation of an electronic single-window system for external trade .



Dematerialization of the application process  •Launching of an insurance  • Control of quality during and after construction  •Compulsory credentials for the expert in charge of the construction’s supervision • Delays and procedures reduced



Reduction of the time needed to process a request for connection  • Reduction of 50% of the cost to get connected to the medium-tension grid  • Improved power supply ● Dematerialization and centralization of information, and of the procedures of claims and payments .



Reduction of registration fees  • Only XOF35000 to pay for property transfers  • Digitization of land deeds  • The descriptive statement of the land title is issued in 48 hours only!  • Substantial reduction in the time needed to process a full transfer request • Creation of a Property Transfer Office  • Cancellation of second and third stamp duties  • Creation of a one-stop shop for land titles, available online also  • Free access to land data for all .



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