Reforms relative to property registration



Reduction of registration fees

Before, registration fees included 5% of the property’s value plus 1% of this value which is the tax for local communities. These fees have been reduced to 2% of the property’s value and still 1% for local communities.


Only XOF35000 to pay for property transfers

Similarly, the cost of property transfer was reduced as well. It now breaks down into: 3% of the property value as registration fees, 1% for the land authority (conservation foncière), 2.3% for notaries. This makes a total of 6.3% in 2018, as against 9.3% in 2017.

Moreover, the number of registration files almost quadrupled between 2017 and 2019 - from 130 to 600 respectively.


Digitization of land deeds

As part of the digitization process launched at the Direction des Affaires Domaniales et Cadastrales (DADC), on 31 December 2017, 43,880 deeds out of 46,183 issued (95%) have been digitized. In addition to making it easier to find land titles in case of conflicts, this eases and improves land tenure.


The descriptive statement of the land title is issued in two days only!

From seven days a year earlier, it now takes only two days for the buyer or their representative to get a copy of the land title.


Substantial reduction in the time needed to process a full transfer request

In 2016, the complete transfer process used to take 30 days on average. However, after land titles have been scanned, and other measures implemented by the Land Registry, this duration reduced significantly, to 20 days in 2017, for all the transfer requests submitted starting from January 2016.


Creation of a Property Transfer Office

In 2017, the “Bureau de transfert de propriété (BTP)” was created to exclusively handle property transfers.


Second and third stamp duties have been cancelled

Only the first stamp duty is compulsory for land procedures now.


Creation of a one-stop shop for land titles, available online also

To accelerate processing of land cases, a one-stop shop, Guichet Unique du Foncier (GFU), was created. All data and transactions related to lands have been centralized there.

Still in order to process land cases more rapidly, the GFU was digitized. Doing so, public policies enabled professionals such as surveyors and notaries to proceed to land-related formalities online. “Nowadays, through the digital land platform, notaries can request a transfer online. They are then notified by the tax administration, online also, that the request was approved. All that is left next is to pay transfer feeds and this can be done online. Afterward, the tax administration completes transfer formalities and within five days, at most, the applicant can retrieve the land title,” Tax commissioner, Adoyi Essowavana explained.


Free access to land data for all

The Office for Cadaster and Domain Affairs (Direction des affaires domaniales et cadastrales - DADC) has made information on cadastral plans and land title ownership freely accessible to all citizens. However, only those concerned by the information they seek can access it, according to the World Bank.








Drastic reduction in the time needed to register a business at the one-stop shop CFE  • Possibility to create an LLC by private deed  • Liberalization of the social capital and nominal value of social shares • Cancellation of registration fees and stamp duties while starting a business • Online registration of a business  • Interconnecting business databases.



Creation of special chambers of commerce for small debts  • Creation of chambers of commerce at the Court of Appeal  • Civil and commercial cases now handled by distinct clerks  • Establishment of commercial courts in Lomé and Kara  • Lawyers and bailiffs now have access to the FORSETI COMMERCIAL platform • A maximum period of 100 days was fixed to settle a commercial dispute .



Creation of an electronic single-window system for external trade .



Dematerialization of the application process  •Launching of an insurance  • Control of quality during and after construction  •Compulsory credentials for the expert in charge of the construction’s supervision • Delays and procedures reduced



Reduction of the time needed to process a request for connection  • Reduction of 50% of the cost to get connected to the medium-tension grid  • Improved power supply ● Dematerialization and centralization of information, and of the procedures of claims and payments .



Reduction of registration fees  • Only XOF35000 to pay for property transfers  • Digitization of land deeds  • The descriptive statement of the land title is issued in 48 hours only!  • Substantial reduction in the time needed to process a full transfer request • Creation of a Property Transfer Office  • Cancellation of second and third stamp duties  • Creation of a one-stop shop for land titles, available online also  • Free access to land data for all .


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