Millenium Challenge Corporation: Togo validates 14 out of 20 indicators

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Tuesday, 05 November 2019 16:25
Millenium Challenge Corporation: Togo validates 14 out of 20 indicators

(Togo First) - Last Friday, the Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC) released its scorecard for 2020. On the latter, Togo has validated 14 out of the 20 indicators.

The assessment sums up in three categories, indicators validated by the 80 countries that adhere to the program. The categories are: Ruling justly, Economic freedom, and Investing in people.

Under the "Ruling justly" category, Togo validated four indicators which are control of corruption, freedom of information, rule of law, and civil liberties.

Under the "Investing in people" category, it validated the primary education expenditures, natural resource protection, and girls' primary education completion rate indicators.

Last is the Economic freedom category where Togo validated the fiscal policy, inflation, regulatory quality, gender in the economy, land rights and access, access to credit, and business start-up indicators.

Overall, Togo has for the fourth consecutive year met the Compact Programme's three eligibility criteria, knowingly control of corruption, validation of at least 50% of the scorecard (with at least one indicator validated under each category), and the validation of at least one democratic rights indicator.

Compared to 2014 where the country only validated five indicators, Togo's actual performance is a significant leap.

The scorecard is released as Togo prepares to launch the MCC Threshold Program with major investment focuses, ICT and land.

Séna Akoda

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