Togo: Eda-Oba hotel shuts down momentarily due to Covid-19

Tuesday, 19 May 2020 16:08
Togo: Eda-Oba hotel shuts down momentarily due to Covid-19

(Togo First) - One of Lomé’s biggest hotels, the Eda Oba hotel, has suspended all activities until further notice due to the persistent coronavirus crisis. The information was reported by local media MiabeTogoActu

“It is imprudent, both on the sanitary and financial levels, to keep the Eda-Oba hotel running given actual circumstances, especially since we are financially exhausted and have almost no treasury left,” said the hotel’s management. 

The Covid-19 is the last straw that broke the camel’s back as “we had been running almost empty due to the very low business traffic.”  Due to all these, “we temporarily laid off all our employees since April 30, 2020.” 

The Eda-Oba hotel is not the only business in Togo struggling amidst the pandemic. Indeed, a recent survey carried out by the Togolese employers’ association revealed that 41% of businesses have halted operations and 91% had to temporarily lay off their staff.

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