Togo: Budget allocated to education has increased seven-fold in the past 15 years

Wednesday, 12 February 2020 13:49
Togo: Budget allocated to education has increased seven-fold in the past 15 years

(Togo First) - In 2019, the government of Togo spent XOF174 billion in the education sector alone. This is a tremendous increase compared to the sum allocated to this sector in 2005, knowingly XOF25 billion. 

Most of the monies injected in the sector in the past 15 years were dedicated to recruiting (+48% more teachers over the period). Total wages paid to the teaching staff also improved considerably, from XOF51 billion in 2005 to XOF163 billion. 

Additionally, more than 20,000 new classrooms were built since 2005 while the income of higher education professors was raised (between 2012 and 2019, the pay of assistant professors doubled from XOF205,539 to XOF518,352). 

The efforts of the authorities to advance education were actually confirmed by external observers, such as the World Bank and UNICEF. The first indicated that Togo records one of the best rates of completion of primary school across the region. For the second, UNICEF, it said in a report released in September 2014 that “education is considered by the Togolese government as a priority sector and the budget it allocates to this sector proves it.”

In 2011, public spending in education amounted to XOF73.4 billion, which represented 27.6% of the State’s current expenditures excluding debt, or 4.3% of the GDP. This is far more than sums invested in the same sector by countries having the same per capita income.

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