José Anyovi, MD of Teolis: “Our goal is to provide quality internet to the Togolese people”

Friday, 23 March 2018 16:27
José Anyovi, MD of Teolis: “Our goal is to provide quality internet to the Togolese people”

(Togo First) - In June last year, Teolis, Togo’s third internet service provider (ISP), spent more than CFA211 million to acquire an operating license. The telecommunications operator however launched its activities in the country only last February 22nd. With a total investment of CFA1 billion since its creation, the new firm seems to be faring well. Its goals in Togo apparently align with that of the government, knowingly connecting the whole Togolese population, both rural and urban, to the rest of the world via broadband over the next decade.

In this interview with Togo First, José Anyovi, Managing Director Teolis, answers some of our questions.

Togo First: What innovations does TEOLIS bring to the Togolese market?

José Anyovi (JA): First, Teolis is a new ISP that acquired a license to operate in Togo. It will thus add much value to the country’s digital economy. Our main objective at Teolis is to provide a reliable, fast and economic internet service, both for professionals and the general public. We want to cover all of Togo and connect Togolese people to the rest of the world. In terms of innovations, we bring a certain diversity with technologies that our firm uses. This would allow all groups of the society to have access to internet services at interesting prices.

We have access to LTE technology which is expanding rapidly nowadays. It is one of the latest technologies in the telecommunication sector. None of the operators actually present in Togo has a license to use this technology.

Togo First: What about Vivendi Africa Group which is just landing in the market…?

JA: Well, Vivendi mostly deals with fiber optic and does not focus on the same sector as us. The technology that Teolis uses targets the general public, and is mostly related to mobile.

Togo First: Why did you decide to be established in Togo?

JA: Teolis is a Togolese company established by Togolese for Togolese people.  

Togo First: In Togo, customer service is still a major challenge that needs to be overcome. In this regard, what are presently the means at the disposal of Teolis to improve the quality of customer service?

JA: First, before offering any services, TEOLIS conducts a field study whose results it later releases. After this stage, deployment has to be planned. One of the advantages of TEOLIS is that it provides its major corporate clients monitoring tools.

Another thing is our teams’ reactivity. For example, a proactive team was dispatched to monitor our Network operations center (NOC). It is well equipped to tackle issues when they arise.

Togo First: TEOLIS comes with 4G. A technology that Togolese are not yet used to. What average speed should be expected? At what costs?

JA: Today, we wish under our strategy, to start our deployment with companies and the minimum speed we intend to provide is 4Mo/s. We have two different offers, including the business offer which is fully dedicated and the smart pro offer which is a shared formula.

Togo First: Togo’s government wants to increase Internet’s penetration rate to more than 90% by 2030. How will TEOLIS contribute to the achievement of this goal?

JA : Teolis fully shares the government’s ambition to increase internet’s penetration rate to 90% by 2030, especially since we also target the general public, both in urban and rural areas. The latter is left out in the major transition towards digital terminals. As a result, we mainly wish to focus on rural areas, as we said while launching.

Togo First: But more specifically, in terms of figures, what will your contribution be?

JA : We cannot tell since each operator has a role to play in covering the country. However, for its part, Teolis will focus on the general public as this is currently not fully taken care of.

Togo First: In Togo, mobile represents 99% of internet’s market shares while ISPs capture about 0.66%. What strategies will you leverage on to reach the general public?

JA: Teolis has a progressive expansion plan for the next five years and it will be unveiled at each developmental stage. As for our strategy, we have already revealed it while launching. Teolis Zone will be available soon. It is part of our strategy adressing mobile users.

Togo First :…Teolis Zone ? What is that?

The service will be presented when launched with all necessary details. It is our next offer.

Interview by Fiacre E. Kakpo

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