Togo to Set Up Single Center to Fight Cybercrime

Tuesday, 28 May 2024 15:28
Togo to Set Up Single Center to Fight Cybercrime

(Togo First) - Under its new national cybersecurity strategy for 2024-2028, Togo will set up a single entity to centralize efforts against cybercrime. The body will replace the current fragmented system which regroups the National Police, National Gendarmerie, and National Cybersecurity Agency (ANCy) and is supported by Cyber Defense Africa (CDA).

The current system has been highly criticized for its inefficiency. Observers pointed out laborious investigations, a lack of cooperation between services, and increasing costs without significant economies of scale. 

The new strategy indicates: "It is very hard to collect digital evidence and avoid their modification. Some digital evidence does not occur at the 'crime scene' and must be protected on the network that connects the criminal and the victim. This network can span thousands of kilometers and be linked by thousands of IT equipment located in dozens of countries. This requires close cooperation with telecommunications companies at the local and international levels, and strengthening the capacities of digital forensic laboratories, which will enable the restoration of the utility of evidence."

The announced anti-cybercrime center should overcome these challenges by consolidating resources and expertise into a single "nodal point." This should improve response to threats and crimes, cut costs and make operations more effective and strategically coherent.

One of the pillars of this restructuring is the national digital forensics laboratory. This center will focus on scientific research and the development of new methods adapted to the specificities of cybercrimes. It will also be tasked with training agents in these new techniques and raising awareness about cybersecurity issues.

The future structure will bring together professionals from various backgrounds – police officers, gendarmes, and sworn civilians – to form a robust team capable of effectively responding to digital threats, while managing advanced tools for gathering information and combating fake news.

Fiacre E. Kakpo

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