Togo Improves Human Development Index Despite Global Challenges

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Thursday, 20 June 2024 16:00
Togo Improves Human Development Index Despite Global Challenges

(Togo First) - Togo’s Human Development Index stood at 0.547 in 2023, up from 0.539 in 2022. The country, however, dropped one sport, to 163rd.

The figures were publicized on June 18 in Lomé at the official launch of the latest UNDP Human Development Report. UNDP representatives, Togolese officials, and local and traditional authorities attended the ceremony. Sandra Ablambla Johnson, Minister-Secretary General to the Presidency, chaired the event. 

First in the WAEMU

Togo’s HDI soared by 13% over the decade ended in 2023, the UNDP report indicates. Togo ranks first in the WAEMU, ahead of Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal. In West Africa, only Cape Verde, Ghana, and Nigeria are better than President Gnassingbé’s nation.

Lauding the remarkable progress, Sandra Jonhson commented: "Togo has chosen to focus on human-centered development." 

The UNDP attributes Togo’s improved performance to several factors, including “the creation of a functional institutional framework with programs to promote entrepreneurship, the development of the blue, green, circular, and digital economy sectors, the promotion of women's economic and financial inclusion,” or the country's “commitment to the fight against global warming and the promotion of renewable energies.”

Room for improvement

"This report is a rallying cry: we can and must do better," said Binta Sanneh, the UNDP's resident representative in Togo. She also congratulated the country on its notable progress despite the global challenges.

The latest edition of the UNDP’s Human Development Report covered over 190 countries and territories, taking stock of the current polarized world, and exploring new modes of cooperation.  The report aims to break the current deadlocks in human development worldwide.  

Octave A. Bruce

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