Togo: ISP Teolis SA now covers 80% of Grand Lomé

Thursday, 18 July 2019 15:18
Togo: ISP Teolis SA now covers 80% of Grand Lomé

(Togo First) - Internet Service Provider (ISP) Téolis says it now covers 80% of Grand Lomé and its surroundings.

In detail, the firm, which provides internet to homes, startups and SMEs, covers three main zones of Lomé and its periphery. The first zone goes from Wuiti to Ablogamé. The second goes from Ablogamé to Zopomahé and the last from Adidolokpo to Bernard Copé.

Téolis, which launched the service only eight months ago, plans to soon fully cover the whole of Grand Lomé before venturing into the country.

In a recent interview with Togo First, Michel Bagnah, Chairman of Téolis, said: “We have installed a Pop (point of presence), in the region of Zanguéra, and Agoè, to cover all these parts of Lomé. We are doing the same in Baguida and once this is done, all of Grand Lomé would be covered. What is left and most important is the interior of the country.”

Séna Akoda

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