Togo: Agricultural performances in 2020-2021 season

Thursday, 27 May 2021 09:15
Togo: Agricultural performances in 2020-2021 season

(Togo First) - In Togo, while cotton output in the 2020-2021 season was almost halved, production of cereals, tubercles and vegetables improved.  

The country recorded a surplus this season, according to a report recently presented by the ministry of agriculture, husbandry, and rural development, Antoine Gbégbéni. The official pointed out that the coverage rates for the need in cereals, tubercles, and vegetables stood at 101%, 160%, and 240% respectively. 

This performance aligns with that recorded in the previous season and over the past decade generally. 

Indeed, in 2019-2020, Togo recorded a surplus of around 70,000 t of cereals (corn, local rice, sorghum, millet, etc.). The surplus is exported in the sub-region and abroad as well.  

In the ended season, let’s note, cultivated areas also increased. However, the country still grapples with a deficit in meat and fish products; The coverage rates for the need of these products are estimated at 60% and 34% respectively. 

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