MCC: Togo validates 14 out of 20 indicators

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Monday, 07 November 2022 15:57
MCC: Togo validates 14 out of 20 indicators

(Togo First) - Togo, a candidate for the Millenium Challenge Compact program for FY 2023, has validated 14 out of 20 indicators. The MCA-Togo Cell presented its scoreboard last Friday, November 4, in Lomé. 

In detail, the country validated 7 over 8 indicators in the “Economic Freedom” category, 5 over 6 in the “Ruling Justly” category, and 2 over 6 in the “Investing in People” category. 

This year, Togo did not do well in the following categories:  "Political Rights" (with a score of 15, against a required minimum of 17), "Immunization Rate" (with a score of 76.5, against a median of 78.5), "Fiscal Policy" (with a score of -3.7, against a median of -3.0), "Health Expenditure" (with a score of 0.86, against a median of 1. 10), "Natural Resource Protection" (with a score of 41.1 vs. a median of 41.5), and "Child Health", (with a score of 52.3, vs. a median of 59.0).

Togo, however, hopes that with the indicators it validated it is now eligible for the Compact Program. “Togo has done what it takes,” according to MCA-Togo’s coordinator, Stanislas Baba.

In the meantime, the country will keep working to validate the 6 remaining indicators over the next year and further improve those that have already been validated, Baba added.

Togo, in Africa, has the sixth-best score and it has been consistent in the past two years, with 15 indicators validated. The first three are Malawi, Cape Verde, and Burkina Faso. They respectively validated 19, 18, and 16 out of the 20 indicators.

Esaïe Edoh 

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