Transshipments at the port of Lomé grew almost 50 fold since 2012

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Thursday, 10 October 2019 15:58
Transshipments at the port of Lomé grew almost 50 fold since 2012

(Togo First) - From 2012 to 2018, transshipment volumes at the port of Lomé grew more than 43 fold to stand at 14.2 million tons. This volume represents 64% of overall traffic (22 million tons) the infrastructure recorded last year; an astonishing improvement from a mere 4% seven years ago.

The increase in transshipments is mainly attributable to rising container traffic. In this area, Togo was ahead of its direct rivals: Abidjan, Cotonou, and Tema. However, Abidjan fared better than Lomé in terms of overall traffic with a volume of 24 million tons processed in 2018.

Regarding container traffic, Togo processed 1.4 million TEUs last year, against 380,000 TEUs in 2014, making the port of Lomé the main container platform of the region. Transshipments, let it be noted, made up 77% of container traffic at Lomé's port, as a result of investment of Terminal Investment Limited, MSC's terminal handling branch.

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