Clean power, CIZO, Kekeli Efficient Power plant, BBOXX: A review of 2019’s main highlights in the power sector

Friday, 10 January 2020 14:53
Clean power, CIZO, Kekeli Efficient Power plant, BBOXX: A review of 2019’s main highlights in the power sector


Government adopts a legal framework for the production, distribution, and commercialization of renewable energies

The government’s goal here is to “tackle issues spurred by the insufficient power availability, increase the related capacity,” as well as reduce the county’s dependency regarding electricity. 


Green Climate Fund backs transition to clean energy in some WAEMU States

Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea Bissau, Mali, and Niger get €100 million from the Green Climate Fund to accelerate their transition towards clean energies. The funds will be provided through the BOAD. 


The government provides a subsidy for households benefiting from the CIZO

Every month, over a period of 36 months, Togo has decided to provide a 40% subsidy for households having CIZO solar kits. 

Togolese startup Kya Energy Group selected to train 3,000 engineers to service solar kits under the CIZO project

KYA-Energy Group, winner of the 2018 BOAD Startup award, lands a deal with the government of Togo to train 3,000 service engineers on the CIZO project. 

Togo and AMEA POWER ink MoU to set up a solar plant in Blitta

During a trip to the United Arab Emirates, Togolese President, Faure Gnassingbé, signs a memorandum of understanding with AMEA Power. Under the agreement, a 30MW solar PV plant is to be built, in the North-central region of Togo. 

BOAD commits to finance Kekeli Efficient Power thermal plant.

The BOAD’s board of directors approves a XOF25 billion financing to build the Kekeli Efficient Power thermal plant. 

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Dèdèriwè Marc Ably-Bidamon, attends 13th Germany-Africa Forum on Energy

Among others, the official talks about challenges impeding the energy revolution and its financing, in Africa. 


SOLEVA, second approved operator on CIZO, starts activities

SOLEVA, the second operator on the CIZO project, after BBOXX, starts its operations. 

The laying of the first stone fo Kekeli Efficient Power plant takes place

Prime Minister Komi Sélom Klassou and Eranove executives lay the first stone of the Kekeli Efficient Power thermal plant. The infrastructure which will have an installed capacity of 65MW will use combined-cycle technology. This will ensure that it generates more power, without consuming additional gas, while limiting CO2 emissions. 

EU and AfDB announced support to CIZO 

Alongside the AfDB, the European Union announces its support to the CIZO rural power project, as part of its investment plan in Africa. 


Mitsubishi gets engaged in CIZO project

Mitsubishi announces its engagement in CIZO, after a talk between President Gnassingbé and the firm’s chief for Africa, Yas Doida. 


Mitsubishi buys into BBOXX

The Japanese conglomerate led a $50M investment in the British off-grid solar company. 

Ecobank transitions to clean energy

Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (ETI) migrates towards clean power by using solar PV power plants to meet part of its energy needs. 


World Bank lauds Togo’s power-related reforms in 2020 Doing Business report

In the 2020 Doing Business report, the World Bank lauded Togo’s results in the power sector. 

The country ranked 99th over 190 counties with a score of 72.6 points. The improvement was spurred by three main reforms: a 50% reduction in the fee to get connected to the grid for businesses, the reduction in the period to get connected to less than 30 days, from two and a half months in 2017; as well as a more efficient power supply. In 2019, Togo had ranked 105th in this report, with a score of 70. 


Eranove closes funding process for Kekeli Efficient Power thermal plant

Eranove closes the funding process for the Kekeli Efficient Power project - raising XOF65.4 billion from institutions and banks (BOAD, AFC, Orabank Togo, BIA Togo, NSIA Benin, and Banque Atlantique Togo). The operation was guaranteed by GuarantCo with XOF14.2 billion. 

AfDB invests about XOF9 billion in CIZO and PND

The government and the African Development Bank (AfDB) sign an agreement related to the CIZO’s social component, the PRAVOST, and the targeted support project aligning with the PND. 

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