Togo: The Kamadama Power Project Is Almost Completed

Tuesday, 20 June 2023 17:28
Togo: The Kamadama Power Project Is Almost Completed

(Togo First) - The Kamadama power project, under development in northern Togo, is nearly complete. Togolese Minister of Mines and Energy, Mila Aziable, after visiting the project’s site over the past weekend, made the announcement.  

"Today, the work is 90.11% complete thanks to the tireless efforts of the technical teams mobilized to finish within the scheduled timeframe," Aziable said after the visit.

Aimed at reinforcing Togo’s power grid, the Kamadama project includes a 161 KV high-voltage line spanning 310 km. It links the cities of Kara, Mango, Dapaong, Mandouri, and the Togo/Benin border. 

The project is backed by several partners, notably the Exim Bank of India, which loaned the Togolese State $52 million for its development.

Dammipi Noupokou, the Deputy Director-General of CEB, which steers the project, said it will enable power supply across Togo, from the corridor of Lomé to Cinkassé, while also reinforcing and securing supply in the North.

Ayi Renaud Dossavi

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