Do Togolese depend less on remittances than their neighbors?

Thursday, 18 April 2019 13:51
Do Togolese depend less on remittances than their neighbors?

(Togo First) - Nearly one out of five Togolese (18%) depend a little on remittances, Afrobaromètre revealed in its latest poll on emigration and according to the report, 34% of those surveyed in Togo have a relative living outside the country.

This figure (18%) is a little below the average in Africa, considering that the survey concerned 34 countries. Indeed, the study found that 21% of the total population surveyed across the continent depend a little on remittances. Meanwhile, among 25% of this population, one out of four people said they have a relative that has lived outside their home country in the past three years.

Within WAEMU, 28% of Nigeriens say they depend on these funds, 26% Malians do, 23% Senegalese, 22% Burkinabe, and 18% Ivorians. As for Beninese, only 14% of the surveyed in the country declared they depend on remittances.

In Ghana, funds sent by the diaspora are vital for 19% of the surveyed, against 29% for those who have a relative outside.

Looking at these figures, it thus appears that Togolese citizens depend less on remittances than most of their neighbors. The Togolese diaspora according to the World Bank has sent more than $500 million in remittances home in 2018, about 8.5% of the country’s GDP.

Ayi Renaud Dossavi

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