Global Trade Corporation ordered to cease its irregular activities

Thursday, 25 March 2021 16:16
Global Trade Corporation ordered to cease its irregular activities

(Togo First) - Only a few days after Ghislain Awaga publicly tried to reassure concerned investors, the youth and his company - Global Trade Corporation (GTC) - were warned to immediately cease their irregular activities by the Regional Public Savings and Capital Markets Council (CREPMF).  

In a statement, the Abidjan-based Council noted: Global Investment Trading (Liyeplimal), Global Trade Corporation, High Life, and Chy Mall which claim to be specialized in cryptocurrency trading, dropshipping, etc., proceed to the irregular collection of funds from the public promising them returns.” The list provided by the CREPMF “is not exhaustive given that new unauthorized operators keep emerging.” 

The CREPMF urges the GTC and other companies mentioned to contact competent authorities “ to conform to the regulation in place, at the risk of facing sanctions.” 

According to a report by a cheated Chy Mall client, the firms do not have the approval they need from the regional council to proceed to public fundraising on the WAEMU regional financial market. 

The CREPMF’s warning further jeopardizes Awaga’s efforts to put back his struggling business afloat. The entrepreneur for his part attributes his troubles to his recent decision to migrate towards the real economy. 

Séna Akoda

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