Covid-19: All prefectures are now affected in Togo

Thursday, 02 July 2020 17:43
Covid-19: All prefectures are now affected in Togo

(Togo First) - In the past 10 days, 74 new Covid-19 cases were recorded. This is almost twice the number (39) recorded 10 days before, according to the head of the national team coordinating the response against the pandemic, the CNGR. 

The rapid increase is due to travelers’ movements and the existence of outbreak foci, such as a company located in the Lomé duty-free zone where about 20 cases were identified and quarantined (for 14 days). 

Also, every prefecture across the country is now affected; Haho being the one to have most recently reported its first case (on July 1, 2020). Other prefectures that reported their first cases were Moyen-Mono, Ogou, Bassar, and Kpendjal.  

Based on the actual data available, it seems that the virus has spread more in the southern region (with a greater density in Lomé and its surroundings). In this part of Togo, the major foci are Lomé-Commune (294 cases), Agoè-Nyivé (74), and Golfe (37). In the north, Plaine de Mô, Tchaoudjo, and Tandjoare have the highest number of cases, respectively 19 for the first two and 14 for the last.

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