Togo: SOGEHP opens up and boosts its capital to raise funds for the Dogta-Lafiè hospital complex project

Monday, 20 June 2022 17:25
Togo: SOGEHP opens up and boosts its capital to raise funds for the Dogta-Lafiè hospital complex project

(Togo First) - In Togo, the Hospital Management Company (SOGEHP), in charge of the operation of the Dogta-Lafiè hospital (formerly called Saint-Pérégrin) launched on Friday 17 June, a capital opening and fundraising operation. 

The capital opening aims to diversify 49.975% of the operator’s shareholding, raising CFA25.01 billion in the process. However, the SOGEHP will remain the main shareholder in the project which is steered by Togo’s National Social Security Fund, CNSS. 

Target: CFA15 billion in private placements    

Concretely, 10,000 shares, at a unit cost of CFA1.5 million, will be sold, thus making a total of CFA15 billion. This will add to CFA10 billion contributed by the CNS and the SOGEHP’s share capital of CFA10 million. 

"It is a private placement that has been recommended for this operation and there is a minimum subscription of 50 shares that have been defined, which would make a minimum of 75 million FCFA per investor," the SOGEHP said, adding that "any individual or legal entity can subscribe, regardless of their place of residence.”

"Strengthen the contribution of the private sector"

For Gilbert Bawara, Minister of Labor and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the CNSS, the operation is an opportunity "to strengthen the contribution of the private sector not only to the economic dynamism" of the country but also "to position Lomé as a destination of choice in medical tourism." 

"Participatory governance and the quest for greater efficiency call for win-win cooperation. By joining this participatory financing, [economic operators will contribute to] ensuring the equipment of the hospital with an ultra-modern technical platform and to provide it with highly qualified medical staff," said Gilbert Bawara.

Improving the supply of health services and reducing medical evacuations

The Togolese government believes that once the project is operational, it will “serve a large part of the population, and, attract more people who were not used to going to the hospital, due to its low costs and health care quality”

Nearly 600 employees are expected at the new complex, according to CNSS Director General Ingrid Awade. These will include specialists from the Togolese armed forces. 

As a reminder, the hospital will be specialized in the fields of Medicine, Surgery, and Obstetrics (MCO). 

Octave A. Bruce  

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