Togo: Over 25% of Adult Population Has High Blood Pressure

Wednesday, 22 May 2024 17:47
Togo: Over 25% of Adult Population Has High Blood Pressure

(Togo First) - The number of people with high blood pressure is rising in Togo. From 2011 to 2021, the official proportion of people suffering from the condition rose from 19.7% to over 27%. The figure was disclosed on May 17, the World Hypertension Day.

"In 2021, Togo conducted its second survey involving populations aged 15 to 64. It turned out that hypertension is present in 27% of cases, affecting a quarter of the Togolese population," said Professor Mofou Belo, Professor of Neurology and Head of Non-Communicable Disease Surveillance at Togo’s Ministry of Health. "This is serious because it's a value that has evolved. In 2011, the same survey was conducted and hypertension was a concern in 19.7% of cases."

In Togo, over 80% of stroke victims are hypertensive, and about 6000 stroke cases are recorded annually. "This is a tragedy because it affects people of middle age between 45 and 50 years old most often. We also see young people falling victim to stroke," Prof. Belo said.

He then urged young people to get checked up once a year, at least, and old people once or twice weekly, "even if you are not hypertensive."

While lifestyles and consumption habits are implicated in the rise of hypertension cases, especially excessive consumption of salty foods, processed foods, alcohol, and tobacco, it is recommended to exercise and eat healthily.

Ayi Renaud Dossavi

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