Government to reinforce controls after a surge in Covid-19 cases

Thursday, 25 March 2021 16:18
Government to reinforce controls after a surge in Covid-19 cases

(Togo First) - The government of Togo has issued new measures to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic in a context where the country faces a surge in cases (over 700 in the past week). 

In the council of ministers held on March 25, 2021, Lomé decided to reinforce the Covid-19 Monitoring Mixed Taskforce, adding at least 1000 members of the security and defense forces to the group. 

Also, the authorities deemed it urgent to speed up the vaccination campaign across the Grand Lomé region. They also stressed preventive measures such as the ban on mass gatherings (sports events, burials, weddings, cultural events). Regarding burials especially, the council of ministers recalled that only up to 15 people are allowed to regroup for the occasions. 

In the same vein, gatherings at places such the Bonké Place, Tiens Casablanca, the LONATO’s agencies, and the Limousine roundabout (Avedji) are also not to be frequented. 

According to the government, controls at borders and entryways giving access to markets will be reinforced. Meanwhile, access to the beach is still banned. 

As for places identified as vectors for the disease, knowingly bars, and places of worship, they will be subject to strict controls regarding the respect of barrier measures. 

The government is also looking at imposing a new curfew in the coming days, depending on how things progress. It warns in the meantime against misinformation on social media and networks, saying those behind the practice are punishable by law. 

Séna Akoda

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