Covid-19: A situational analysis of the region and the world

Monday, 29 June 2020 13:09
Covid-19: A situational analysis of the region and the world

(Togo First) - Five out of the 224 people who tested for Covid-19 last Thursday came back positive. Thus, the number of confirmed cases in Togo now stands at 588. Meanwhile, 294 of the infected have been reported to have recovered (67% of infected individuals), 14 have died (2.3%), and 180 are still active (30%). 

These figures reflect overall stability, regarding the spread of the virus, in a context where the country keeps easing restrictive measures and reopens the economy. 

For example, since they reopened, only five cases were confirmed in schools. And while populations are yet to panic, authorities insist on compliance with safety measures. 

A contrast, in relation to countries in the region

Compared to its neighbors, Togo fares relatively well. Benin just passed 1,000 cases and Ghana for its part is the second most affected in West Africa with more than 15,000 cases, right behind Nigeria which has confirmed more than 20,000 cases.   

In Burkina Faso however, things are getting better. The country has reported 941 cases and its infection curve has flattened in recent weeks. In Senegal (+6,000 cases) schools reopened last Thursday. 

The pandemic expands rapidly in Africa, but not equally 

Across the continent, more than 340,000 cases have been confirmed, and about 8,000 people died. The most affected nations are South Africa (118,375 cases), Egypt (around 61,000 cases), Nigeria, Ghana, Algeria, Cameroon, and Morocco. 

No second wave, rather a continuation of the first

Worldwide, the number of cases seems to be on the rise, driven mainly by many infected in the U.S, India, and South America (Brazil especially). 

In the first - the U.S - the rebound is quite spectacular; following the easing of restrictive measures and the recent “Black Lives Matter” protests. 

Besides these countries, most other affected nations record not a second wave, but rather a continuation of the first wave. 

With the exception of Asia...

The second wave concerns part of the Far East, mainly China (which is very concerned and even decided to lockdown some parts of Beijing and suspend many flights). There is South Korea as well which recorded a second wave of contagion around Seoul in particular. 

According to experts, this is mostly due to populations complying with safety measures less strictly. 

So far, a total of 9.75 million Covid-19 cases are reported in the world. This is against about 5.3 million recoveries, and about 492,000 deaths. 

Ayi Renaud Dossavi

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