Togo: Stormwater drainage and road-asphalting project begins in Lomé

Tuesday, 20 December 2022 14:11
Togo: Stormwater drainage and road-asphalting project begins in Lomé

(Togo First) - Construction works for asphalting and stormwater drainage systems in Togo’s Golfe 1, Golfe 2, and Golfe 3 municipalities were launched last Thursday, December 15, by the ministry for urbanism, housing, and land reform. The total cost for the works is CFA28 billion. 

In detail, the project involves building a 1.6 km-long underground collector to drain rainwater in the AUBA area (Lomé), asphalting and lighting 4.4 km of road - the Mobutu Boulevard (1.74 km) and the Auxiliadora Street (about 2.67 km). 

Besides, gutters with removable paving stones (for draining stormwater) will be built along 14 km of road in the AUBA area, and the following streets will be asphalted and lighted: Boulevard Houphouët Boigny, Avenue Tchaoudjo, Rue des Robinets, Rue des Handicapés, Rue Atlantique and Rue 1 Doumasséssé. 

In addition to these, schools will be built in the areas concerned, a fence will be erected around the 4th Lake and a green space will be developed there also. Then, the Golfe 1 municipality will benefit from a sports equipment rehabilitation initiative.

All these projects fall under the government’s roadmap and aim to “boost inclusion and social harmony, as well as guarantee peace”.

Esaïe Edoh

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