ICANN to help Togo improve its expertise in domain names

Wednesday, 08 June 2022 16:40
ICANN to help Togo improve its expertise in domain names

(Togo First) - The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will provide Togo and nine other African countries hands-on training to help their country code top-level (ccTLD) registries compete in the domain industry.

Besides Togo, the other nine registries are from Niger, Benin, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Comoros, Madagascar, Angola, Liberia, Zimbabwe, and Gambia. As part of the pilot phase of the project, the ccTLDs will “leverage the expertise of ICANN and the partner organizations that have a common goal, but cannot achieve it alone,” reads a statement issued on June 7, 2022. 

“The 10 ccTLD registries will receive specialized training led by industry experts, through a combination of online courses, hands-on workshops, and webinars,” ICANN added in the statement.

The registries are in charge of updating the main database of domain names needed to browse online. ICANN’s training will cover topics ranging from “best practices in domain name system security and registry governance, to business plan writing and marketing, to Internationalized Domain Names and Universal Acceptance.”

For this project, the ICANN and its partners –the International Telecommunication Union-Development Sector (ITU-D), Africa Top Level Domains Organization (AfTLD), Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC), and Association française pour le nommage Internet en coopération (AFNIC)- issued a pledge to the Partner2Connect Digital Coalition.

One of the ICANN's missions is to ensure a secure, stable and unified global Internet. Founded in 1998, the organization coordinates the unique identifiers that allow computers to recognize each other worldwide.

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