The Togolese government is working on a new criminal procedure code

Wednesday, 01 June 2022 13:30
The Togolese government is working on a new criminal procedure code

(Togo First) - Togo wants to modernize its judicial system by adopting a new code of criminal procedure. A draft bill was adopted to this end on May 30, 2022, during the government’s latest Council of Ministers.

The bill, which contains 1047 articles, aims, according to the government, to modernize the Togolese criminal procedure and tackle “new” challenges like terrorism or maritime piracy. It will also speed up criminal procedures, and enable Togo to meet major international standards regarding individual freedom and protection of the dignity of individuals.

“As part of the vast program to modernize the judiciary, elaborating the new code of criminal procedure is one of the responses to the many challenges of the judicial world and it contributes to improving the efficiency of the judicial system in line with the goals of the first axis of the government’s 2020–2025 roadmap,” reads the Council’s statement.

In detail, the report further notes that the new code aims to bolster the rights of victims, of the defense, organize alternatives to prosecution and pre-trial detention, and establish remedies in criminal matters.

According to Akodah Ayewouadan, Minister in charge of communication and government spokesman, this planned reform will allow the effective introduction of alternatives to imprisonment in criminal affairs—such as community service or the electronic bracelet. 

“The innovations are numerous, including the possibility for judges to propose alternatives, not only to prosecution but also to detention. Specifically, instead of detaining someone temporarily or permanently, we can consider solutions such as the electronic bracelet, which allows a person not to be locked up, but still be available for justice,” said the government spokesman.

Ayi Renaud Dossavi

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