Djobo-Babakane Coulibaley Sworn in as Head of Togo's Constitutional Court

Monday, 29 April 2024 13:28
Djobo-Babakane Coulibaley Sworn in as Head of Togo's Constitutional Court

(Togo First) - Djobo-Babakane Coulibaley officially took over as head of the Constitutional Court on Sunday, April 28, following his appointment by presidential decree. The handover, overseen by Minister of Human Rights Pacôme Adjourouvi, marks a significant step in the country's institutional continuity.

The seat was occupied by Kouami Amados-Djoko, who served as acting president after the passing of the previous official president, Abdou Assouma.

"As I assume my duties, I realize the obligations and responsibilities because, by nature, a constitutional court is involved in the process of distribution, exercise, and transmission of political power," said Coulibaley.

Djobo-Babakane Coulibaley took over the day before the regional and legislative elections. More than 4.2 million Togolese are voting in the polls.

With nine members appointed for a non-renewable six-year term, the Constitutional Court plays a crucial role in the electoral process. It ensures the regularity of voting operations, handling any electoral appeals, and definitively validating the results. These responsibilities are essential to ensure elected officials' legitimacy and procedures' conformity with the current legal framework.

Djobo-Babakane Coulibaley assumes his new role at the helm of the Constitutional Court amid high expectations, as the new constitution adopted by the deputies awaits promulgation by the Head of State.

Fiacre E.  Kakpo


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