Togo is the best country regarding the promotion of women’s rights, in West Africa

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Monday, 01 March 2021 16:03
Togo is the best country regarding the promotion of women’s rights, in West Africa

(Togo First) - Togo is the first country in the ECOWAS region and the 7th in sub-Saharan Africa to promote women both in business as well as in top public positions. This was revealed in the recently-published World Bank Women, Business and Law 2021 report. 

With a score of 84.4 points, Togo came 7th over 10 in the SSA region, ahead of Liberia, Côte d’Ivoire, and Mozambique. Togo’s performance is attributable to many reforms to improve women’s access to land and encourage entrepreneurship by setting aside 25% of public contracts for youths and women. 

In 2020, 27% of all newly-registered businesses in Togo (3,426 in total) were owned by women, in line with the government’s ambition to have 28% of businesses registered in the country, by 2022, being owned by women and 44% of loan granted to businesses going to them. 

In the public sector, Togo recorded major accomplishments with women leading the national assembly, the Prime Minister’s office, and the Presidency’s general secretary, among others. In this regard, Togo did better than Seychelles (76.3 pt) and is far ahead of its neighbors, Benin and Ghana.

At the top of the WB’s ranking are Mauritius, South Africa, and Zimbabwe whilst Eswatini, Guinea Bissau, and Sudan came last. 

The Women, Business and Law 2021 report is a global ranking that assesses laws and reforms in 190 countries, looking at efforts made to eliminate gender-based discrimination and support women.

Séna Akoda

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