Togo to allocate 46% of 2022 budget to social sectors

Monday, 15 November 2021 16:27
Togo to allocate 46% of 2022 budget to social sectors

(Togo First) - Togo will dedicate CFA493.3 billion to social sectors out from its total budget for 2022. The figure is written in the budget draft bill that was validated last Friday, by the ministers’ council.

Next year the country will thus allocate an increased 10.8%  to social sectors than it did under the 2021 budget - knowingly CFA445.1 billion. 

Succintly, 151.6 billion will be made available to primary, secondary, technical education, and the craftsmanship sector, while tertiary education will get 40.9 billion. This, according to the council of ministers, should “reinforce school infrastructure, help build centers of excellence and sandwich training institutes”

As for the health sector, it will receive 97.1 billion which will be used mostly to provide universal healthcare and ensure access to health services for all. Moreover, the allocation will enable authorities concerned to sustain anti-Covid actions such as “rehabilitating, building, and equipping health facilities”.

To foster social inclusion, Lomé plans to spend about 70 billion next year on various projects aimed at boosting youth employment, financial inclusion, setting up a social registry of individuals and households, maintaining social nets for grassroot populations and improving access to clean water. 

Service digitization, which is one of the government’s priorities, will benefit from a 15.7 billion budget whereas programs focused on preserving peace and security will get 124.5 billion. 

“To accelerate the economic transformation of our country in line with the government's roadmap, the agricultural, energy, mining and infrastructure sectors will be allocated 20% of the amounts set aside for ministries and institutions”, Togolese authorities indicated. 

Under the 2022 budget, income and expenditures are forecast at a total of 1,760 billion, against 1,521 billion in 2021. This represents an increase of 15.7%.

Esaïe Edoh

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