Mandela Washington Fellowship: 10 young Togolese to fly to U.S. for the program

Friday, 01 June 2018 15:54
Mandela Washington Fellowship: 10 young Togolese to fly to U.S. for the program

(Togo First) - The U.S. embassy just released the names of the 10 young Togolese selected for the Mandela Washington Fellowship (MWF), which is the major program of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI).

The young leaders will be leaving Lomé in June for a six-week training in the U.S. They operate in various domains: 

Leadership and civic commitment

  • Aicha MALLE 
  • Nouhoum Jonas AKONDO 
  • Elom Jose ADOBOE.

Business and Entrepreneurship

  • Djatougbe Akouvi AZIAKA 
  • Assiongbon FOLI-BEBE 
  • Faïzah SABI.

Public Managemenent

  • Afi Victorine DAWONOU 
  • Denis Koffi DOLA 
  • Essi Farida GERALDO.

During their stay in the United States, these youths will attend classes in some of the country’s most prestigious universities, as well as a top-class summit in Washington.

Launched in 2013 by former U.S. president Barack Obama as he was visiting Africa, the program enrolls every year around 1,000 young African leaders, providing them with academic and leadership training, across various domains. In 2017, 48 African countries were represented by their youths (25-35 years old).

This year, the MWF will enable 700 young African leaders to hone their skills in a U.S. university.

According to the U.S. embassy, in Togo, the Yali attests of the United States’ commitment to African youth, which it believes is capable of shaping the continent’s future, through many initiatives.

Fiacre E. Kakpo

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