Togo: Tuber production rose by 11% since 2017

Monday, 19 September 2022 16:56
Togo: Tuber production rose by 11% since 2017

(Togo First) - Togo’s tuber output rose by about 11% over the past five years. From 1,950,000 t in 2015, it moved to 2,193,462 t last year. The ministry of agriculture recently disclosed the figures in a report titled “Bilan Campagne 2021-2022 & Perspectives 2022-2023”.

The document specifies that cassava was the most grown tuber in the country over the period reviewed. Togo produced 1,204,249 t of cassava in 2021, compared to 1,027,476 t in 2017 (+17%).

Yam production also grew, from 832,000t in 2017 to 960,431 t in 2021 (+15%). This tuber is mostly grown in the Plateaux and Central regions.

The same trend extended to sweet potatoes with the output rising by 4%, from 9,300 t in 2020 to 9,694 t in 2021. Taro output grew slightly (1.5%) over the same period (it stood at 19,088 t in 2021).

In Togo, tubers mostly satisfy local consumption, and only cassava is processed locally at Atakpamé (since last year).

 Esaïe Edoh

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