The Commonwealth has a lot to offer Togo (Robert Dussey)

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Thursday, 14 July 2022 15:44
The Commonwealth has a lot to offer Togo (Robert Dussey)

(Togo First) - Joining the Commonwealth is interesting for Togo on three levels: commercial, diplomatic, and political. That is what the country’s minister of foreign affairs claimed in a recent interview. 

More Business

"On the commercial level first, given the Commonwealth’s two billion inhabitants, Togo gains in terms of business, and export of its products," Dussey said.

The country will, however, need to expand beyond its traditional Francophone sphere. 

"We have a greater openness, we are no longer restricted only to the Francophone world, but while being in the Francophone area, we benefit by having more economic partners in the Commonwealth."


Regarding diplomacy, one of the expected benefits of this membership is the expansion of Togo's sphere of influence, especially in the English-speaking world where it is less known: "In a diplomatic framework, Togo's influence in West Africa, at the level of ECOWAS, and especially in the resolution of Sahel issues, allows Togo to have more influence in this region where it wasn’t known.”

Togo will also strengthen its relationship with the UK, in a context where the latter has left the European Union and needs stronger diplomatic channels.

"Today, Britain is no longer a member of the European Union, with which Togo has a very strong partnership. It should develop a special relationship with Britain," he said. "So, Togo, as a member of the Commonwealth, will bolster this political, economic, and commercial partnership with Great Britain, an important actor in Europe.”

At the language level, joining the Commonwealth will help Togo better master English, a language considered the language of business and science. 

For Robert Dussey, "Togo can gain so much considering the capacity of the Commonwealth; this membership is a great satisfaction for the government. And the government is now working to ensure that the Togolese people are impacted by this membership.”

Ayi Renaud Dossavi

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