What is Togo’s rank in the African e-commerce sector?

Friday, 14 December 2018 17:55
What is Togo’s rank in the African e-commerce sector?

(Togo First) - Earlier this week, the UNCTAD published the 2018 UNCTAD B2C E-commerce Index, which determines the place of e-commerce in 151 economies. Four key indicators are considered in this index.

For Togo, this edition portrays a nascent and lagging e-commerce sector, following the same trend as in Africa that is clearly poorly prepared for e-commerce and taking less advantage of the digital opportunities than the rest of the world.  

Only 12% of Togolese use internet; a percentage far below the average in Africa. However, according to the UNCTAD, 45% of the population over 15 years old have an account with a financial institution or a mobile money account making the west African country one of the countries with higher financial inclusion.

According to the report, as far as security is concerned, Togo has 19 secure internet servers per million of residents while Mauritius, Nigeria and South Africa, the three leaders in that regard in Africa have respectively 56, 52 and 83 secure servers per 1 million residents.

For the fourth indicator of that index, development of postal services, Togo scored 41 over 100.

The UNCTAD’s index also measures the percentage of individuals who make online purchases. No figure has been mentioned in that criteria for Togo.

Overall, Togo lost ten places to become the 21st in Africa. Within the Ecowas region, the country is outrun by Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal, which is the leader of e-commerce within WAEMU.

Côte d’Ivoire is 24th , Mali  28th ,  Burkina Faso 30th and Benin 33rd. The lower rank of the index in Africa are obtained by Guinea (42nd), Chad (43rd) and Niger (44th).

In the World index, Togo is 121st. In October 2018, in a report published in Ouagadougou, the UNCTAD, estimated that Togo still had to make efforts in the e-commerce sector. The institution estimated that limited online payments and difficult deliveries out of Lomé are the main roadblocks to the development of e-commerce in the country.

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