Togo is a Peaceful Country and Opposes All Wars (Robert Dussey)

Tuesday, 26 September 2023 03:53
Togo is a Peaceful Country and Opposes All Wars (Robert Dussey)

(Togo First) - Speaking last Thursday at the podium of the 78th United Nations General Assembly, Togo's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Robert Dussey, addressed the issues of terrorism, climate change, socio-political crises, and political transitions in Africa.

The Togolese diplomat noted that leaders' commitments are not sufficient to meet the world’s current challenges. This lack has pushed the world into a sick state that “calls for a level of responsibility as high as the United Nations'.”

In this sick world, Africa, Dussey noted, is in a state of vulnerability “caused by low levels of development, large-scale health crises, the impacts of climate change, and disrupted global food supply chains.”

The diplomat stressed that Africa's peace and stability are threatened by cybercriminals and disinformation, recurring armed conflicts and war news, and the spread of international terrorism.

Investing in peace

Amidst all the turmoil, West Africa is particularly volatile, with several countries under transitional regimes. Regarding the security situation in this region, Robert Dussey urged world leaders to "invest more in peace" rather than war.

On this subject, the diplomat recalls that "Togo is a country of peace and Togo opposes war, whatever its reasons." "Since our independence on April 27, 1960: Togo has never waged war on its neighbors. Never has Togo aggressed its neighbors or any country. Never has Togo served as a rear base for any aggression against a brother country," he clarified.

Togo, Dussey indicated, is a good example of this investment in peace. Notably, he recalled President Gnassingbé’s involvement in resolving the crisis between the governments of Côte d'Ivoire and Mali over the case of the 49 Ivorian soldiers, and in the war in Sudan through a consultative dialogue and consultation between the political and military leaders of Darfur last July in Lomé.

Gnassingbé’s country, indeed, has taken several steps to preserve peace on the continent. One of these steps, Dussey mentioned, includes the "Lomé Peace and Security Forum" scheduled for October 21 and 22 in the Togolese capital. He also talked about the 9th Pan-African Congress scheduled for Lomé in 2024.

Another initiative is the African Political Alliance (APA) created last May, by Togo and other countries.

Reforming the Security Council

Regarding the world's socio-political situation, Togo believes that the United Nations Security Council needs reforming. For Lomé, Africa can no longer remain on the sidelines of the body responsible for ensuring international peace and security.

"The Security Council can no longer remain a mere affair of the victors and their allies of the Second World War. Nothing can any longer justify maintaining the status quo. The ideological and institutional structuring of the post-war world is now obsolete. This is a new era in Africa and the Global South's relations with the world, and Africa no longer intends to remain in the shadow of any great power in the new dynamic," said Robert Dussey.

He argued that Western and other powers need to change their attitude and approach in their relations with Africa. "Africa needs a partnership that respects the strict dignity of each individual. We want to be your partners, not your subjects. We want to serve our people, not foreign interests," the Togolese Minister hammered.

 Esaïe Edoh

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