Togo’s agricultural GDP has doubled over the past decade

Friday, 24 January 2020 12:20
Togo’s agricultural GDP has doubled over the past decade

(Togo First) - Over the past decade, wealth created by Togo’s agricultural sector has doubled. This was reported by the minister of agriculture and fishery, Noel Bataka, at the opening of the 12th national forum for Togolese farmers (FNPT), yesterday. 

Indeed, from XOF640.6 billion in 2010, agricultural GDP soared to XOF13,354.4 billion in 2019. This is nearly 40% of the Togolese economy. 

The agricultural GDP grew by 6% averagely every year, over the period reviewed, with a 14% peak in 2014. A performance, which according to Bataka,“aligns with the target of the agricultural development program in Africa.” The minister added that the result was driven by the sector’s vitality and farmers’ dynamism.” 

Regarding producer’s income, it has slightly augmented, from XOF217,149  in 2010 (thus $1.19 per day) to XOF336,300 in 2019 ($1.84 per day). The goal is to achieve an average yearly income of XOF444,548 ($2 per day), the minister of agriculture indicates. Everything, he assures, “will be done to make sure that every household has at least XOF500,000 to get out of poverty.” 

In Togo, 73% of rural populations were living in poverty in 2010. However, the figure improved from year to year, falling to around 63% in 2017. 

Enhancing local processing: A true challenge

In relation to food security, Togo recorded, again, a surplus with a rate going from 90% in 2008 to 137% in 2019. 

As for cash crop sectors, they recorded a combined growth of 408.35% over the past decade. Cotton output rose from 27,000 tons to 137,000 tons in 2019, as a result of the restructuring of Nouvelle Société Cotonnière du Togo (NSCT) and the revitalizing of the national federation of cotton farmers’ associations (FNGPC). Last year alone, cotton farmers garnered more than XOF24 billion in net revenues. 

No other sector has achieved such a performance so far,” Bataka declared. 

In spite of these outstanding performances, Togo has been struggling to improve its trade balance. 

Improving trade balance, which records an 11% deficit, is one the challenges we must all work to overcome. Economic operators must put more faith in local products, process them more for our own consumption,” Noel Bataka stressed, urging the local private sector to invest more in the Togolese agribusiness industry.

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