Covid-19: "The government’s efforts will be in vain without everyone playing their part"

Thursday, 13 August 2020 18:10
Covid-19: "The government’s efforts will be in vain without everyone playing their part"

(Togo First) - Last week, Togo recorded 82 new Covid-19 cases, after 92 the week before. This spike shakes the relatively stable epidemiological situation the country had been experiencing for many weeks (one of the least affected by the pandemic in West Africa). 

The resurgence is attributable to new outbreaks in “Assoli, Soudou, Tachoudjo (where cases increased exponentially and should continue rising for another week since the people in these parts of the country recently celebrated Eid al-Adha), and Kozah,” according to Col. Djibril Mohaman, head coordinator of the Covid-19 response cell (CNGR).

Co-morbidity and mortality

It is worth noting that in the past week, seven succumbed to the pandemic. This is over a total of 26 deaths recorded since the disease broke out in the country around 6 months ago.

The CNGR says the relatively high proportion is due to patients with comorbidities such as diabetes. 

“We are therefore urging those suffering from diseases, such as diabetes, that weaken their immune system, to protect themselves and we also urge those without medical conditions to do the same to avoid affecting them,” Mohaman stressed.  

Bars to systematically close during traditional feasts

Besides populations being less compliant to safety measures, the Covid-19 response cell believes the recent peaks were fostered by gatherings in bars during traditional festivities. 

Therefore, in addition to measures in place, it has been decided that “bars will be systematically closed in any area where traditional festivities are held.” 

A joint effort

Lastly, concerning the pandemic’s dynamics relative to newly imported cases reported after the ban on flights was lifted, the CNGR highlighted the need to comply with safety measures, adding that “the government’s efforts will be in vain without everyone playing their part.” 

To date, Togo has confirmed 1,092 Covid-19 cases, including 284 active, 782 recoveries, and 26 deaths. Meanwhile, in Africa, 1.078 million people have been infected, with 24,300 dead. 

Ayi Renaud Dossavi

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