WACA-ResiP : ANASAP launches 3-year initiative to clean Lomé beach

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Tuesday, 18 February 2020 16:28
WACA-ResiP : ANASAP launches 3-year initiative to clean Lomé beach

(Togo First) - Last week, the National Agency for Sanitation and Public Hygiene (ANASAP) launched in Lomé a project to clean the beach. 

It is part of the West Africa Coastal Areas Management Program (WACA ResIP), backed by the World Bank, which focuses on tackling coastal erosion, flooding and pollution of West African coasts. 

ANASAP’s initiative is estimated to cost about XOF168 million (of which around 115 million is paid by WACA ResIP) and cover a three-year period. In its framework, Lomé’s beach, over a 7km distance from the border with Ghana to Hotel Sarakawa, will be cleaned. 

Funds provided for the project will be spent to buy a cleaning machine, garbage bins, modern toilets, and used to set up a water tower equipped with solar panels. 

Besides cleaning, the project will also focus on raising awareness of populations to keep the beach neat.

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