Telecom: Six major facts to know the fixed internet market in Togo (2019-2020)

Saturday, 04 December 2021 18:42
Telecom: Six major facts to know the fixed internet market in Togo (2019-2020)

(Togo First) - Over the past three years, the quality of landline internet has improved significantly in Togo. This is reflected by greater access to fiber optics in Lomé, and major investment commitments by operators. Togo First looks at the progress made in the sector in this article. 

Access to landline internet bolstered amid Covid-19

The number of landline Internet subscribers in Togo increased by more than 65% to 52,707 in 2020. This surge, fostered by the social distancing measures linked to the Covid-19, was mainly driven by Togo Telecom and GVA Togo (Canalbox). While Vivendi's subsidiary was the main driver of this growth (+207%), the subscriber base of the Togolese incumbent operator has also increased considerably, up 38% to more than 32,500 subscribers.

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Canalbox drives growth in the sector 

Sustaining its 2019 upward dynamics, Canalbox - Togolese subsidiary of Vivendi group - more than tripled its number of fiber-optic customers in 2020. From 5,945, the figure soared to 18,720 (+207%). While impressive, this performance is still lower than the growth recorded in 2019, knowingly 404% (1,180 in 2018 against 5,945 in 2019).

In terms of revenue generated, the Internet Service Provider reached almost a billion CFA (990 million) in 2020, up by 230% compared to earnings generated in 2019 (where the figure had jumped by more than 400%).

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Fiber-to-the-home: Canalbox overtakes Togo Telecom

Canalbox, therefore, snatched the place of the best provider of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) internet from Togo Télécom last year. This is despite the latter gaining 56% (reaching 11,124) more customers over the period reviewed. On that segment, Canalbox’s subscriber base has passed the 18,000 mark. 

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Togo Telecom still leads ADSL and dedicated lines markets

Although it has lost its leadership position in the optical fiber segment, the incumbent operator continues to control the other access technologies. For ADSL, subscriptions have risen by 35%, while connections via dedicated lines have increased by 42%.

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Togo Telecom alone accounts for more than 68% of landline Internet subscriptions, compared with 38% for CanalBox. Better still, with a turnover of 7.6 billion FCFA, up 35%, the TogoCom subsidiary now holds 86% of that market, far ahead of GVA (990 million FCFA, 11%), CAFE Informatique (227 million FCFA, 2.6%) and Teolis (42 million FCFA, 0.5%). 

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Café Informatique continues its fall from grace

Last year, Café Informatique lost more customers while the other ISPs active in the country experienced a pandemic-induced boom. From 2,334 clients in 2019, the company which is headed by Jean-Marie Noagbodji had 1,768 clients in 2020. The downward performance also spread to the firm’s income; it fell by 33% to 227 million FCFA from one year to the other.

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“No-investment” policy

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Besides Togo Telecom which increased its investments in 2020, other operators were prudent in 2020, lowering their spending.

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