Togo: Kara Gets New Bus Station

Monday, 17 July 2023 14:48
Togo: Kara Gets New Bus Station

(Togo First) - A new bus station was inaugurated last week, on July 12, in Kara, northern Togo. The ministers of trade and transport, Kodjo Adédzé and Affoh Atcha-Dédji, both attended the inauguration ceremony. Launched in 2017, the project cost CFA1.2 million. Its goal is to modernize transport in Kara.

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“The effective and long-term operation of this bus station will, I am sure, contribute to enhancing the attractiveness of the city of Kara,” said Trade Minister, Kodjo Adedze. The station, according to him, should help “connect producers, processors, traders and consumers of our local products, consequently creating jobs for our young people and women, and improving the quality of life of our citizens.”

Construction was financed by the Togo Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI-Togo). The land where the station was built spans 11,250 m². It was provided by the municipality.

The new bus station includes a three-story building housing administrative services and a restaurant. It also has 15 shops of 45 m² each, equipped with storage and integrated toilets. Two other buildings are dedicated to police and civil security services, while a plaza of 2,120 m² has been set up. The infrastructure also has an inner courtyard of over 8,000 m² comprising a shed with five counters, an area that can accommodate more than 200 travelers, as well as a block of latrines for men and women, and an elevated 5 m³ water tank.

During its inauguration, the Trade Minister highlighted that the station will provide workers optimal conditions to work and contribute to the growth of the Togolese economy. For her part, the president of the special consular delegation of the CCI-Togo, Bitho Nathalie, claimed that the facility would boost transport and trade in the Kara region. 

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